Gedankengänge Let`s jump!

Let`s face some stuff …

let‘ s face some stuff that needs to be observed with a clear and awake mind,
linked to intuition and an open heart. Witness the feelings that show up.
Feel the body telling you so much about yourself. Feel. Without judging.
With a kind and gentle overview. Do not get lost in identification.
Face it. Honour it. Embrace it.
And then when you are ready letting go happens without effort.
It simply flows. And peace settles in again.
Resonating with light and sparkling humor.
The universe smiles inside of you.
What a crazy wonderful and magic ride, here being alive!
That’s what I tell myself facing challenging stuff.
That’s what I am trying to be aware of and how I experience it.
And I am still a student, I am learning, I am a wanderer on the path,
a traveller, always eager to stay open, courious and playful, learning to ride the waves.
To fall and to get up again. You might experience it totally different.
I don’t want to preach. I am just reflecting my own expiriences and my thoughts
and I follow my impulse to share them with you.
I try to let them flow purly and directly from my heart.
Intuitivly. So it is up to you to resonate or not.
To be empowered maybe, to feel understood or inspired.
Take care
dear soulmates out there!

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